Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There's a shirt I've been wearing a whole lot lately. It's a vibrant mustard yellow and I'm suddenly incapable of getting rid of it just yet. The color is addictive and quite frankly I need everything in this color. It seems to work with mostly all color combinations I've been putting together lately. You might be at the point of disgust since I can't manage to take it off although there's a hundred and fifty four ways to wear it, unnoticeably. Which I personally don't see anything wrong with. My intention was to actually wear the shirt in so many ways possible and to create a journal of all these different looks worked around one yellow shirt. Great idea for other purposes I can't quite discuss yet. I'm scared to the bone someone might take it.

New year - new look.
Constant changes..

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Punky said...

Hey Justin,
It's Punky from
I'm coming to LA next week and would love to have you attend our blogger clothing swap,
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