Sunday, December 26, 2010


(Michael Kors rainjack, vintage top, black skins)
Not usually dressed in all black simply because it bores me, but in this case it works. Walking into the cathedral we get the most lousy stares. It was so ironic that I chose to wear all black this day. Forgiveness was asked for which I'd rather not get into. Overall 2010 was a year of growth realizations and benefits. 2011 shall be our year, Dev! We'll be graduating high school this June and I'll be 18 on the 18th of that month. Now life seems to be moving with a swarm from hanging out to school. Finding a job will be one of my New Years resolutions. Also changing my room around again. I get over things way too fast. My room is pretty small so I need more space to stash fabric in an orderly manner. I have projects in store for you so stay updated and follow through with this adventure I'll be taking you on.

Also paid Vennie's father, PlannedParentHood, and Chinese take-out a visit.

To invite me to dinner might come off a bit brutal.

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