Monday, November 8, 2010


My mother was named after the Virgin Mary. Walk in my house and this is all you'll see. My ancient mother, my love, my mum. Totally into the whole romantic cathedral feeling. Bronze, high walls, churches, candles, chandeliers, and roses to state the least. Born and raised as a Catholic but found my higher being on a more spiritual level, but can never abandon this woman. She's my mother, Maria.
Devendra is what I'll most likely name my sun child. One of my favorite psychedelic folk musicians that literally saved my life along the lines with Phoenix. Sex to my ears hitting every note that brings tingly vibrations to my finger tips. My body and soul relaxes which brings me back to a whole making me feel at one with a great release of tension. Making me feel passionate and confident for what I do, truly inspiring knowing that every little thing is going to be alright. God, too good. Totally devastating that he's retiring from the whole music aspect of it all and is focusing on visual arts as a drawer being his second job.
On that note, what soothes your soul?

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