Wednesday, November 10, 2010


(Everything self-made & fur tongue boots)
Nothing more, nothing less. I felt as if I'm not a loyal blogger, so this here, is for you. Wrapped up, in this chilly climate in LA we consider fall. Enjoying the winds.. I tend to wear slouchy clothes, as when I walk it moves along with me and makes delicate shapes. This clear tube on the other hands makes beautiful circles but has no movement at all. It's great for sculpturing around your neck or body. Home Depot is now one my favorite department stores. No meat on my bones, meet the moose. EAT HEALTHY AND STAY WARM.

People have the tendency to state how they feel about my personal style being negative or positive. Quite frankly I'm not bothered by it and i'd rather be approached then have your gaze controlled. Walking home from school today some norm yelled out if I was lost and if I was some Wizard of Oz character. His intention was to offend me but I felt as if the statement was pretty clever and kept going along with my day. Inspired me so much that I chose to take a picture of my outfit and blog about it. Thanks for the acknowledgment nevertheless.

It may be Fall, Winter, or Summer but these shall remain in my closet. They're currently being shipped my way and possibly sometime soon I'll share what I have in store for them. Totally in need of some funky deep knitted socks.

I was aiming for these Surge Five Finger shoes since they literally make you feel as if you're barefoot and completely over protects the bottom of your foot. Absolutely waterproof so need to worry about the drought. Perfect for running and hiking, splinters, broken glass, and rocks would do no harm. These high tops are in the perfect color but are sadly discontinued. They also sell the Vibram anklet souls but they aren't that appetizing for me.


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