Wednesday, November 24, 2010


(Dino cotton pants, transparent tank (hardly visible in photos))
Honestly I've been living in this sweater for God knows how long. Chapped lips - it's cold. Night out at the Echoplex for Midnight Juggernauts, The Naked & Famous, and Diamond Rings. Kind of disappointed with Midnight, not being at it's best live. Naked & Famous truly blew me away. These fucking cotton pants will do nothing to save my life in a blizzard. Their not leggings to me, so I refrain from calling them that. They're way too thick. Always the one in the group thats cold so I choose to wear more. More is good. Dinosaurs are still one of the coolest thing ever. I went through a phase where I actually thought I was one. The whole idea of knowing that once upon a time these creatures were once on Earth and how reptiles evolved over time. Instead of the creatures getting even bigger, the reptiles got smaller hence turtles. I once bought this silver turtle bracelet from the flea market for my sister. The vendor was this asian lady that collected animal trinkets, jade and copper jewelry from Nepal, and incense. She told me that it signified strength (due to it's hard shell) and long life. She wished me good luck on my journey and I took off..
I remember collecting all these plastic reptile figures and Jurassic Park cassettes as a child. As if 'Dinosaurs' was one of my favorite shows in the 90's. I had these VCR cassettes on replay day after day. "Who's the Mama!?" Now being that Family Guy is the evolved version of this show.

Cassette tape overload & Triceratop fossil horns.

Too bad I didn't evolve as a dinosaur but luckily to a abnormal fossil figure.

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