Sunday, September 19, 2010


Happy happy Sunday! I'm actually so excited for dark skies that bring along the drought. It's more for a better variety of clothes to pile on. Sunshine and sunlight is always appropriate as well, but who enjoys the feeling of being sweaty and the look of summer apparel.(Shorts, tanks, sandals, etc. BORE!) During the Summer you dress to keep cool which gives a very cliche vibe. The knits, the turtlenecks, metallic and mesh bottoms, the fantasy coats that drape and make lovely shapes over our ever so thin bods. The ability to layer to keep warm but to also look fashion-forward is major! I'm really digging the darker urth tones this season with a splash of neutral strength. Very simple looks that have taken toll of my wardrobe and state of mind this season will have be be these looks below.

(Michael Kors Spring 2011 RTW)
So effortless, timeless, and comfortable. If wearing something similar the only thing that matters is the color tones you choose to wear. To give it more of an edge, add detail. Intense collars, asymmetrical button downs, thick knits and rich fabric bottoms are always appropriate.

These comfortable Tibetan knitted sockets have been on my wish list for quite some time. Very reasonable for only $10. Footwear I'd wear while lounging around fersure. I can actually make these into something appetizing. They have potential. The last thing I'm worried about is how I'd wear these about, but how thin the leather sole of the sock is. I know myself and I'd not only wear these around the house but anywhere and almost everywhere. Staying comfortable is KEY.

This nomad faux fur hood speaks for itself. Total D.I.Y. I'm on the hunt.

If only I didn't have a bowl of hair I'd sport this. Obsessed with this over the top fur Cap.

Now these are BEYOND! I'd literally live in these day by day. They remind me of heels used for exotic horses. They're all I ever wanted.
WHO ARE THESE BY!? I'm dying

(I just noticed that me and the color Brown work wonderfully together most of the time. I'm attracted to anything and everything brown. My room even has a lot of brown tones to it. Such a lovely color with amazing tones by its side. It looks beautifully on everyone despise your skin colour. I can go on and on about brown. I shall possibly write a book about the color no?)

PS: I use the word 'tone' a lot too. Mind me

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